Zindagi mukalma in urdu

Zindagi mukalma in urdu

mukalma in urdu

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Zindagi mukalma in urdu by Salman.Salman’s first Interaction with camera was When He was only 9 Years Old in which He presented a news Bulletin.Salman Started Making Motivational Videos When He Was 14 Years Old.Salman Was Also Invited by Samaa TV as a Guest Where He Started the Morning Show “Naya Din”.He has been giving lectures in different Universities of Pakistan including FAST and FC College University.He has also given lectures in different Schools Including Thanet Hall and The Citizen Foundation.Salman Ahmad Awan Is doing Intermediate in Psychology from Fc College Lahore.He has also won many Awards on the basis of his debating skills.He was given the Best Debater Award of 2014 by Cathedral School.Read more Mukalma in Urdu
Salman Ahmad Awan makes motivational videos in urdu, motivational videos in hindi, inspirational videos in urdu and inspirational videos in Hindi.He makes videos on Life Skills, Personality Development, Self Confidence, Stress Management, Time Management, Self-help, Goal-setting etc. He makes motivational videos for students in Urdu/Hindi as well.His videos bring new energy to life. Salman is full of positive energy. We dedicate this channel to other Top Motivational Speakers and Youtubers like Sir Dr. Sadaqat Ali, Qasim Ali Shah, Sandeep Maheshwari, Him-eesh Madaan, TS Madaan, Pinky Madaan, SeeKen, Vivek Bindra, Brain Tracy, Tony Robbins, Bk Shivani, Ujjwal Patni, Yebook, Life Gyan etc.

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  1. Aapnai baat bahut hi sahi kahi 😊time sahi me hawa ki tarah pass hota ga raha hai in comparison to previous year! Sign for the day of judgement

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